Epoxy Flooring

Endless Customization Options

Let us start by explaining what epoxy is! Epoxy is a resin and hardener mixture that is spread on an accepting and clean concrete surface. This coating cures with said flooring and not only strengthens the floors but makes them safer, more durable, and even more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. These floors do not peel, chip, or flake after installation and will over a decade of lasting, your floors will be the talk of the town! With the recent increase in interior design concrete floors, homes and businesses alike have all begun installing epoxy floor coatings in their spaces. So, how can you have a beautifully customized floor with a coating system that was meant to industrially strengthen your floors?
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
One of the most popular flooring options for businesses and homes wanting unique flooring with concrete durability. Not only are concrete epoxy floors simply more affordable, professionally installed, but they also offer unlimited amounts of customizable ideas and opportunities. Metallic epoxy floors are great for any business area with high or low foot-traffic, kitchens in both homes and business, lobbies, schools, and so much more. Why? Because metallic epoxy floors can be made to appear like authentic marble floors, add unique designs like ripples, water movements, fire, or cloud-like designs that appear to pop out right before your feet! These 3D majestic floors offer aesthetics that no other floors can ever even come close too!
Colors and Designs
Aside from a metallic floor, you can have installed a flooring system that is a different color and feel than anything you have ever seen! Epoxy floors offer homes and businesses the opportunity to design and install floors with different shades and textures that are not only for looks but for safety. You can have an epoxy system that is the slip, fire, and chemical-resistant so your floors don’t hold onto unwanted fumes and substances that can cause harm to you or your loved ones. Add epoxy floors to areas you want to appear like wood flooring, marble flooring, tile flooring, and so much more.
Garages, Basements, and More
Your garage floor doesn’t have to look like you keep your vehicle in it and your basement doesn’t have to be a scary place where no one wants to stay alone! Epoxy floors in garages help your concrete resist stains and damages caused by your vehicles, storage, or spills. With an epoxy garage floor that is uniquely designed with a logo, bright colors, or high gloss, there isn’t a chance that your floors won’t be seen and appreciated. Basement floors should always be protected from moisture, changing temperatures, and anything else your basement area wants to throw in the concrete floor’s direction. Epoxy installations help you transform your basement into a haven, an extra room/office, a gym, or whatever else. Customize your basement floor to look like it is loved!
Commercial Properties and Businesses
Have you ever walked into an office, a store, or a bathroom and thought about how awful the floors are immediately after stepping inside? That is an all too common mistake made by property owners! Floors are important because they are the first place people’s eyes are drawn too as they scan a new room. Don’t let the look of your floors be the reason others walk out of your business. Install epoxy decorative floors that have unique colors, patterns, and designs to help draw people’s attention in all the best ways.
Industrial Properties
Industrial-grade epoxy floors need some customization as well! With different workstations being in progress at the same time, workers and visitors need to know what side and where things are happening on. With epoxy industrial floors, work zones can be color designated, guiding traffic can be done with epoxy floors and logos, and keeping everyone safe with slip-resistant and better lighting qualities is important and can be accomplished with a professionally installed epoxy floor.