An Introduction To The Various Types of

Garage Flooring Options

When it comes time to choose your first flooring system for your garage or even when it comes time to replace your current coating, the options you have can be very hard to choose between. This is where we can come to help as today we are going to be going through the best options for your garage floor. So, let’s get started!
Revolutionary Garage Epoxy Floor.
The first garage flooring system we are going to cover today is the revolutionary garage floor epoxy. Garage floor epoxy offers superior protection against most forms of physical and even chemical damage unlike any other flooring system on the market. This is because garage epoxies nonporous and seamless surface is an incredibly durable plastic-like material that won’t allow even the harshest chemicals to infiltrate its surface. Garage floor epoxy also offers great options for customization as well with options like a wide range of base colors, the use of metallic pigments, multicolored or single-colored flakes and even the ability to have logos or emblems placed directly under the epoxies durable topcoat.
  • Extremely Affordable
  • More Durable Than Concrete
  • Resistant To Stains
  • Protects Your Old Surface
  • Long Lifespan
  • Can Be Slippery
  • Lots of Prep work
  • Not Easy To Remove
  • Application Takes Time
  • Additional Maintenance Costs
Stamped Concrete Overlay
The next coating that we will be talking about is the stamped concrete overlay. Stamped concrete overlays may offer a durable finish, but not nearly as durable as epoxy flooring as stamped concrete is susceptible to damage and even cracking from heavy foot and vehicle traffic, dropped objects and heavy vibrations. Stamped concrete offers interesting and exotic options for customization such as using lifelike stamps to create finishes mimicking natural stone, wood, and even cobblestone. Though, these finishes can be dull compared to the finishes of epoxy flooring.
  • Adds Value To your Home
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Light Labor Involved
  • Cost Effective
  • Low Maintenance
  • Imitation of Real Stone
  • Prone To Cracking
  • Hard To Color Match
  • Lacks Durability
  • Costly In the Long Run
Carpet Garage Flooring.
Stamped concrete is affordable
Another option for garage flooring is the use of carpet. Carpet can do an amazing job of hiding all the imperfections in your concrete but won’t actually protect your concrete from physical or chemical damage like an epoxy garage floor. If you are willing to spend money on more functional carpeting, there are options that can be pressure washed and are even resistant to stains but will be installed in tiles so any patterns you can make will be blocky and visually unappealing. Epoxy flooring can provide the same benefits as carpet but amplified by 10 with natural resistance to stains and won’t ever require pressure washing in most cases.
  • Anti Slip Surface
  • Noise & Impact Absorption
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Low Cost
  • Easily Installed
  • Not Durable Like Epoxy
  • Prone To Deterioration
  • Holds Moisture
  • Not Resistant To Spills
  • High Maintenance
Concrete & Stained Concrete Garage Flooring
For this section, we are going to cover 2 garage flooring options in one as they are almost identical and these 2 flooring options are the sealed concrete flooring system and the stained concrete flooring system. Stained and sealed concrete may receive a chemical resistant sealer, but the concrete slab will be wide open to physical damage. Sealers have nearly zero options for customization besides tints and sheen levels and stained concrete can look like a bowling ball to burnished leather with the help of solvent-based or penetrating stains. The biggest downside of these flooring options is the fact that all imperfections and repairs on your concrete slab will be visible.
  • Increases Aesthetic Value
  • Cost Effective
  • Large Variety of Options
  • Doesn’t Hurt The Durability
  • Can Still Install Overlays
  • Unpredictable
  • Not Easy For Residential
  • Doesn’t Enhance Performance
  • Brings Out Imperfections
  • Not Good For DIY
Interlocking Tiles Garage Flooring
The next garage flooring option we are going to cover is trending on the market for reasons we don’t understand. Interlocking tiles provide a finish that may be able to hide the imperfections on your concrete slab but do nothing to protect your concrete or even address the underlying damage to your concrete slab. This is where epoxy flooring can be used as it won’t only hide repairs made to your concrete slab, it will protect the repairs and even restrict the growth and movement of cracks. These rubber interlocking tiles only come in several different color combinations as well so your options for customizing your garage floor will become extremely limited with this garage flooring.
  • Easily Installed
  • Little Surface Prep Required
  • Can Be Installed Over Cracks
  • Easy To Remove
  • Affordable
  • Hallow Sound When Walking
  • Not Very Durable
  • Temporary Flooring Solution
  • Short Lifespan
  • Low Weight Ratings
Epoxy Paint Garage Flooring
Epoxy Paint Garage
The final garage flooring option that we are going to be talking about today is the “epoxy” paint. You can find these kits at your local hardware store and they say that they offer the same level of resistance and benefits of a natural epoxy flooring system. This, however, is a complete lie. Epoxy paint offers almost little resistance to physical damage to the point of it being damaged just by running on the flooring. epoxy paints also have a maximum lifespan of only 5-10 years as to where a professionally installed garage epoxy can last your home up to 30 years when properly maintained.
  • Easy To Keep Clean
  • Extremely Durable
  • Slip & Shock Resistant
  • Long Lifespan
  • Affordable
  • Hard To Install
  • Lots of Preparation Required
  • Additional Maintenance Costs
  • Not Recommended To DIY
  • Tough to Remove
When push comes to shove, you want a flooring system in your garage that can withstand the harsh circumstances that your garage provides on a daily basis. For this exact reason, we can only recommend the use of garage floor epoxy to coat your homes or businesses garage floor.