How Much Does It Cost To Epoxy

A Garage Floor?

Garage Floor Epoxy
A very common misconception about epoxy garage floor coatings is that they will break the bank. This statement, however, is completely unfounded and is by no means true at all. Epoxy garage floors actually offer the same lifecycle costs of traditional concrete flooring with the lifespan of over 20 years in most cases! So, down below we have outlined exactly what you should expect when choosing to epoxy your garage floor in terms of expense, so let’s get started!
High and Low End
Garage Floor Coating
To begin, let’s talk a little about the average prices of the standard epoxy flooring systems that can be used in the garage. To start, the standard colored epoxy flooring system with no additive only starts about 3-5 dollars including materials and labor for an existing concrete slab. When we get into the fancier epoxy system of epoxy flake flooring will cost around 6 dollars a square foot for a concrete slab that is in good condition. Finally, the most exclusive of coatings is the metallic garage floor epoxy as prices start at around 12 dollars a square foot for the complexity of the process.
Depends On
Concrete Resurfacing
There are many moving pieces when it comes to the final cost of your epoxy garage floor. For example, one of the biggest factors that determines how much you are going to pay for your epoxied garage floor is the current condition of your concrete. Cracks, gouges, and stains are going to have to be addressed before any epoxy is even thought about touching your concrete slab. This is why it is crucial to take care of your concrete slab with repairs and proper maintenance.
Size and Surface
As we all know, not all garages are created equal and range in size from 1 car to 4 car sizes in most residential properties and even garages up to 10 car bays can be found in many commercial garages. This is also where you will see the largest fluctuation in pricing. For the standard 1 car garage, your final costs will vary around 750 dollars for standard epoxy up to 3,500 dollars for the more advanced epoxy systems and multiple coatings. For the standard 2 car garage, your pricing will range to be around 1,200 dollars to 6,000 dollars depending on the epoxies used and layers accumulated.
Epoxy Type
Metallic Epoxy
The final pricing fluctuation that we will be covering today is the type of epoxy that you are going to need and the benefits that you need to be provided. For example, we offer a silica sand additive for our epoxy flooring system that will give the epoxies surface texture. This textured finish will make walking on the epoxy much safer when it becomes wet or soiled. Depending on the size of your garage, this can set you back another 500 dollars. Another example of this is the number of epoxy coats that you require as well. The more coats your epoxy has, the stronger and more durable it will become and this can change your price indefinitely.

The only way to make sure of what pricing point that you will be dealing with is to call a professional for a quote and we just so happen to give free quotes. We recommend only using professional assistance for your garage floor epoxy project as even though unprofessional help may cost less upfront, you will end up paying for their “savings” further down the line by having to replace your flooring.