Here in Plano, Texas, it can get hot quickly, and some days those hot days make great pool days! If your pool deck is cracking, hot, or simply unattractive, your pool experience can become one you want to forget.
Pool decks play a large role in not only how our backyard landscapes look but how well we can actually enjoy our pools.
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    Pool Deck
    When you choose to resurface concrete, you are allowing your current slab to regain strength, resistance, and appearance. Pool deck resurfacing rejuvenates your concrete slab and benefits you and your home in many different ways.
    Pool Deck Repair

    Pool Deck

    Resurfacing & Repairs
    Pool Deck resurfacing is a fantastic choice that offers a lot of fundamental benefits that truly help your home thrive.
    No one wants to sit out on a deck that looks awful, feels rough, and is a hazard to everyone who’s wet. When your concrete begins to show signs of wear and tear, resurfacing not replacing, is the best way to go.
    Pool deck resurfacing offers benefits like:
    • Crack repair, meaning, any spiderweb cracks that have been left to their own devices can be fixed and hidden away.
    • Pool deck repair, as in, your concrete pool deck will look brand-new even though it will be the same surface you already had!
    • Affordability, especially when compared to completely replacing your concrete slab.
    • Resistance, when concrete is old, dull, and cracking it will begin to damage at a faster rate. It will absorb pool chemicals and deteriorate quickly, but when it is properly resurfaced that is not an issue.
    • Safety is very important when resurfacing your pool deck, add extra grip and make your pool deck slip-resistant
    • UV-ray resistance helps keep bare feet from being burned and can easily be a trait added to your concrete pool deck once it has been resurfaced.

    Stamped & Decorative

    Concrete Pool Deck
    Make your backyard look like you mini-vacation spot when you call us! Decorative concrete pool decks take your boring pool deck to unimaginable places.
    Stamped pool deck concrete is an extraordinary, durable, and long-lasting choice when you resurface your pool deck. Pool deck resurfacing allows you to choose different colors, patterns, and textures for your pool deck surface. Decorative concrete allows you to install similar flooring patterns and designs on your pool deck as you have on the inside of your home.
    Stamped pool deck concrete offers benefits like:
    • It is much easier to install and maintain than other surfaces
    • Stamping pool deck concrete can make it appear like stone, brick, tile, or slate.
    • Increases property value tremendously! More than 15%.
    • Because the concrete slab is stamped, and concrete surfaces can last over two decades, you will have your concrete for many years
    Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
    Decorative pool deck concrete benefits:
    • Resistant to scratching
    • Does not breakdown due to wear and tear
    • Acrylic, Kool deck, and other pool deck coatings create low-maintenance surfaces
    • Is resistant to pool water chemical breakdown, salt, sun exposure, natural sediment, and mold/mildew
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    Pool Deck

    Resurfacing Options
    When you choose to resurface your pool deck, your options are unlimited in possibility. Our pool deck resurfacing projects require true craftsmanship and that is exactly what we provide! Pool deck resurfacing is about elongating your current surface’s lifespan, creating an enjoyable space for friends and family, and keeping everyone safe while enjoying the view.
    Here are your options when you choose pool deck resurfacing:
    Pool Deck Pavers
    These are quick to install and quick to repair! Pool deck pavers are popular options for homes who want slip-resistance more than anything.
    Stained Concrete
    Stained pool deck concrete looks very natural and produces earth tone colors that can really compliment a backyard landscape.
    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    You don’t have to completely replace your concrete surface. It is an extremely expensive and unnecessary move. Learn more about concrete resurfacing and take a look at our homepage to see more flooring options!
    Stained Concrete Pool Deck
    Stamped Concrete
    Stamp your concrete to look like and feel like whatever you want.
    Kool Deck & Decorative Concrete
    When you have beautiful coatings that protect your concrete surface from damaging penetration by chemicals, water, dirt, and other harmful substances, you cannot go wrong.
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