Ready to give your business the fresh new look it needs? Is it time to replace an aging floor system? You have a lot of options when it comes to commercial flooring but few offer the perks you can enjoy with commercial epoxy flooring in Plano. Commercial epoxy offers a low installation cost, virtually no maintenance, attractive decorative finishes, and the strength and durability to withstand almost anything from heavy loads and vehicle traffic to chemical spills and frequent foot traffic.
Our commercial epoxy floor contractors serve all industries with customized epoxy solutions. Learn more about the benefits of epoxy and why it’s a great investment for your facility.
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    Flooring Customized to Your Needs
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Plano
    Want a durable yet attractive floor system that can withstand anything you throw at it? Our commercial epoxy flooring installers serve all industries with customized solutions.
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring


    Flooring Solution
    One of the many advantages of commercial concrete epoxy is it’s versatile enough to be installed almost anywhere. Homeowners turn to commercial-grade epoxy for refinished their garage but it’s also durable enough for heavy-duty factory settings. Our commercial epoxy flooring installers serve all industries in Plano, TX with cost-effective epoxy solutions tailored to their needs.
    One of the most popular applications for commercial epoxy flooring is in the retail industry. Epoxy can be customized with endless colors, patterns, and effects for branding and renovating a storefront or shopping center. It also offers a non-slip surface that holds up well to years of foot traffic, spills, and carts. We also install commercial epoxy in restaurants and commercial kitchens. Commercial kitchen flooring epoxy is non-slip, non-porous, easy to sanitize, and won’t be harmed by spills.
    Along with the retail and food service industries, we also serve the following industries: medical, hospitality, manufacturing, food processing, warehouses, grocery stores, and more.


    in Durability
    Commercial epoxy flooring offers the strength and durability your facility needs with a low lifecycle cost and attractive design options.
    Commercial concrete floor epoxy is built to withstand harsh environments like commercial kitchens, emergency rooms, retail storefronts, and even manufacturing plants and warehouses. We install only high-quality industrial-grade epoxy that’s built to take a beating without showing wear and tear or deterioration.
    Our commercial epoxy flooring systems can resist damage from all types of hazards like abrasion, impact, and regular wear and tear from frequent foot traffic. Commercial epoxy even resists damage from heavy loads and forklifts because it actually increases the tensile strength and weight capacity of your concrete floor. Industrial-grade epoxy can even withstand corrosive chemicals, water, oil, solvents, and more while isolating spills until they can be cleaned up. Upgrade the flooring in your commercial facility with epoxy flooring, for more information you can see our homepage!
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    Benefits of

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    Commercial concrete epoxy has become the top choice for facility managers in Plano, TX thanks to its low cost, strength, low maintenance needs, and appearance. Commercial epoxy is well suited to almost any industry from healthcare and veterinary facilities to manufacturing, retail, and food service. If you are considering replacing your facility’s existing floor, here’s why epoxy can be the right choice.
    Durable and Resilient
    It’s hard to damage a commercial epoxy floor coating. That’s why commercial epoxy flooring in Plano is installed in even the most demanding environments like manufacturing plants, medical facilities, and shopping centers. Our epoxy solutions resist damage from solvents, fats, oils, alkalis, and industrial-strength cleaners. Epoxy is also extremely resistant to heavy loads, impact, abrasion, and normal wear and tear.
    Safe and Easy to Clean
    Epoxy flooring is used in factories and other work environments because it’s a non-slip flooring solution that contributes to a safe work environment. The skid resistance of epoxy can be customized with additives to help the floor remain safe even with spilled liquid, powder, or dirt. It’s easy to keep epoxy clean, however, because it’s completely seamless with nowhere for debris to hide. It can be mopped and swept or even power washed.
    Sanitary Flooring
    Epoxy meets USDA guidelines for flooring with a seamless and nonporous surface that does not harbor dirt or pathogens. With its nonporous surface, commercial epoxy flooring isolates spills and prevents liquid from leaching into the concrete or groundwater. This is why it’s the top choice for hospitals, veterinary clinics, and restaurants. Commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in Plano creates a safe yet sanitary floor system that’s durable enough to withstand heavy traffic, spills, and oils without deteriorating.
    Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating
    Easy to Customize
    While most commercial floor systems can be customized to some degree, nothing quite compares to commercial epoxy flooring. Our commercial epoxy floor contractors can achieve virtually any look you want from a single high-gloss color to multi-colored flakes, striping, custom patterns, or even the beauty of a unique pearlescent metallic epoxy floor. You can choose from almost limitless color combinations, patterns, and effects for a floor that’s perfectly matched to your facility.
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