Tired of tracking concrete dust into your home from your garage?
Want to pull your car into a showroom-quality garage that’s sleek, clean, and bright? An epoxy garage floor coating is the solution. Garage floor epoxy coatings transform ugly, gray, cracked concrete into a beautiful finished surface with your choice of colors, patterns, and effects. We install only the best garage floor epoxy coatings with high-quality epoxy resin and licensed, experienced installers.
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    Ready to Update Your Garage?
    Garage Floor Epoxy
    Our garage floor epoxy contractors offer endless solutions to transform your garage with seamless, flawless, and beautiful garage epoxy. Our professional garage floor epoxy installation stops concrete dusting for good and delivers a high-performance garage floor that can withstand everything from hot tires and spilled oil to water and dropped objects.
    Epoxy garage floor installation

    Austin Epoxy

    Garage Floor Installers
    Our Austin garage floor epoxy contractors take the time to install your garage epoxy properly. Unfortunately, there are many epoxy garage floor installers in Texas who lack the experience and expertise necessary for high-quality and long-lasting results. Many will cut corners, including failing to prepare the concrete correctly or using sub-par epoxy products.
    We always take the time to assess the condition of your concrete and prepare the surface for a strong bond. When garage epoxy is applied to a cracked, crumbling, or damage surface, it won’t bond or last. We will repair damage to your concrete substrate, including filling cracks. Next, the concrete surface is prepared with diamond grinding or shot blasting to remove surface imperfections, open pores in the concrete, and profile the surface. After applying a special primer, we apply high-grade garage floor epoxy to deliver superior results that last.

    Update Your

    Garage with Garage Epoxy
    Garage floor epoxy in Austin, Texas is the solution you’ve been looking for to solve your dusty, cracked, and ugly garage floor for good.
    Garage epoxy in Austin is an ultra-durable and hardworking surface that can handle even heavy-duty abuse. Hot tires, spilled oil and gasoline, water, and dropped tools are no match for a seamless epoxy floor. With endless design options, unbeatable longevity, and an affordable installation price, now is the time to give your garage a much-deserved makeover.
    In just one day, our garage floor epoxy contractors can transform your unsightly garage floor with professional garage floor epoxy that’s built to last. Revamp your garage floor and whole home with epoxy flooring, check out the homepage to learn more!
    Garage floor epoxy
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    Why Choose

    Garage Floor Epoxy?
    Austin homeowners are turning to garage floor epoxy for many reasons. An epoxy garage floor coating in Austin is a cost-effective home improvement that can add beauty to your home and increase your home’s value.
    Garage epoxy takes your garage from dusty and dark to bright, clean, and welcoming–the perfect place to work on your car, enjoy hobbies, or keep your belongings dust-free.
    Brightens Your Garage.
    Your garage probably has one or two overhead lights and maybe some windows on the garage door but otherwise it’s a dark space that feels like a dusty crypt. Imagine spending time at your work bench in a well-lit space that feels bright and open. Garage floor epoxy increases the brightness of your garage floor by up to 400% for a dramatic change in the appearance of your garage.
    Economical and Low Maintenance
    Professional garage floor epoxy can last a decade or longer with virtually no care aside from sweeping and mopping as needed. It’s not even as expensive as you may think. Depending on the style and color options you choose, garage floor epoxy installation in Austin usually costs $3 to $12 per square foot. This is far lower than most traditional floor systems yet it’s durable enough to withstand harsh conditions in a garage.
    Safe and Non-Slip Surface
    A garage epoxy coating certainly looks slippery with its flawless, high-gloss surface but it offers similar traction as a basketball court when clean and dry. We can increase traction for your garage floor by adding non-skid additives to your topcoat for a safe walking surface even in the face of spilled powders, water, oil, road salt, and more.
    Epoxy Garage Floor
    Customizable Appearance
    One of the biggest benefits of garage floor epoxy coatings in Austin? They’re easy to customize to give you the best garage floor epoxy coating for your needs and style. Our epoxy garage floor installers can install a single color or a combination of colors with striping, checkerboards, geometric shapes, and more. An epoxy flake garage floor is one option for multi-colored flecks and visual interest or you can opt for a metallic epoxy garage floor coating. This is one of the most dramatic floor systems available. A metallic epoxy garage floor includes metallic pigments that are agitated, clumped, and swirled with solvents, blowers, and brushes to produce a dramatic effect. A metallic epoxy garage floor can look like colored glass, smoke, liquid metal, still water, and much more with a three-dimensional appearance.
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