Is your concrete beginning to show signs of age or has it become moderately damaged? Where other concrete contractors in Plano will try to replace your concrete, replacing your concrete can cost thousands of dollars and weeks of time. We are an honest company and offer our neighbors in Plano the option of concrete resurfacing!
Concrete resurfacing is a process where we coat your concrete with a micro topping to bring it back to its former glory!
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    Does Your Concrete Need Resurfacing?
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    Nobody wants to have to spend tens of thousands of dollars of their hard earned money on replacing your concrete slab. That is why we are one of the top concrete resurfacing companies in Plano as we are one of the few honest companies that will give you an honest opinion on your concrete, so call today!
    Exterior Concrete Resurfacing

    Where We Can

    Resurface Concrete
    One of the biggest problems with concrete is that no matter how well you maintain it or even how high of quality of concrete that you use, the inevitable fate of your concrete is to crack, peel or simply deteriorate. It doesn’t matter where your concrete is placed, our team of concrete resurfacing contractors is standing by to help resurface your concrete. Down below, you are going to find the most common areas that concrete is resurfaced:
    Garage Floors
    Garage floors have to endure plenty of abuse whether you simply store your car in it or just use your garage for storage or hobbies. When your garage begins to show signs of cracking, we recommend that your garage floor be resurfaced asap to avoid any more serious damage to your concrete slab
    Just like your garage, the driveway has to endure vehicle weight on a daily basis but driveways have it much worse than your garage floor. Your driveway has to endure constant erosion from mother nature. By resurfacing your concrete, you can give your driveway a unique finish with stamped concrete overlays or the classic brushed finish look
    Commercial Resurfacing
    If your commercial facility is starting to show signs of damage, resurface your concrete asap. If you allow your concrete to become heavily damaged, replacing the concrete in your commercial facility can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take weeks to finish
    No matter where your concrete is located, concrete resurfacing can save you thousands of dollars and weeks of time!
    Remember, we only recommend the use of professional assistance when it comes to resurfacing your concrete. We know that some say that it is a DIY process, but we use the highest grade materials on the market with our decades of combined experience with our award-winning tools to make sure your resurfaced concrete lasts as long as possible. The best part about using professional assistance when resurfacing your concrete is that we will be able to fully customize your resurfaced concrete with any of our concrete coating systems. If you are ready to get rid of your subpar concrete flooring? Give us a call today to receive a professional quote for free!

    Pool Deck

    One of the most common areas that we perform concrete resurfacing is on concrete pool decks. Here is how pool deck resurfacing can turn your backyard into your own personal oasis.
    One of the most common forms of pool deck resurfacing is on the pool deck. This is because the pool deck is constantly exposed to the harsh conditions of the outside forces, harsh chemicals from the pool and heavy foot traffic during the summer months. Down below, you will find how resurfacing your pool deck can drastically improve your backyard:
    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    First of all, when forms of damage such as cracks, gouges, and peeling are found on your pool deck, your concrete pool deck isn’t providing the level of safety it should. Cracks and gouges are massive tripping hazards by themselves but when peeling occurs, your decking is losing slip/skid resistance and even its vital heat deflection. If your pool deck is damaged or aged, you are losing vital safety nets, so resurface immediately
    Another reason why so many homeowners choose pool deck resurfacing is the ways that we can customize your pool decking. By resurfacing your pool decking, you are starting with a blank canvas and our team of pool deck resurfacing contractors are visionaries that can give you full control of the customization or even lend a hand. We offer pool deck pavers, stamped concretes, and even Sundek to provide the oasis you deserve right in your backyard.
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    Benefits Of Resurfacing

    Your Concrete Slab
    While customization of your concrete is a huge benefit on concrete resurfacing, there is so much more to love about our award-winning service that you should know about
    While home and business owners know about all of the customizations that can take place during and after concrete resurfacing, there is so much more to our award-winning service. Down below, we have taken the liberty in outlining what you stand to gain from resurfacing your concrete slab:
    Increased Durability
    No matter how you look at it, once your concrete has been resurfaced with one of our high-grade materials, your concrete will become much more resistant to all physical and most chemical forms of damage
    Longer Lasting Concrete
    By resurfacing your concrete you are giving your slab the chance to last decades longer by giving it an extra safety net of protection from using one of our superior concrete coatings
    Increase In Value
    When you resurface the concrete of your home, you can see a return investment almost right away and this is because better-looking flooring can drastically increase the value of your home Increase your homes value with concrete resurfacing and other flooring solutions, learn more on our main page!
    Concrete Resurfacing Plano
    Higher Curb Appeal
    Almost the same way that residential concrete works, you can see a return investment almost immediately when resurfacing your commercial concrete as the attractive flooring system can actually bring in more customers
    Improved Performance
    Wherever you decide to resurface your concrete, you will see an immediate increase in performance, especially when using epoxy flooring and its insane weight tolerance of 20,000 PSI!
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