We know how harsh the conditions are in your industrial facility, that’s why we wouldn’t waste your time with a flooring system that won’t last in your facility. That’s why we offer industrial epoxy flooring to our industrial business owners in Plano!
Industrial epoxy flooring is the industrial industries most trusted flooring systems and here’s all you need to know about this concrete coating.
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    WAnt Industrial Epoxy Flooring?
    Planos Trusted Epoxy Providers
    As one of the top industrial epoxy floor coating contractors in Plano, we hold ourselves to a different standard than other industrial epoxy suppliers. Our promise to you is that we only use the highest grade materials no matter how big or how small your facility is all at an affordable price point for your business.
    Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

    Why You Should Use

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring
    Industrial epoxy flooring systems are one of the most used concrete coatings in the industrial industry and for good reason. Business owners that use industrial epoxy never switch to any other flooring system on the market because industrial epoxy flooring blows away the top traditional industrial flooring systems on the market. Down below, you will find the top benefits that make industrial epoxy so highly touted:
    Incredible Performance
    Industrial epoxy flooring offers best in class performance for flooring systems. With an industrial epoxy flooring system, you will see a drastic increase in weight capacity as its tolerance is around 20,000 PSI compared to concretes measly tolerance of only 3,000 PSI
    Chemical Resistance
    If your industrial facility handles or even manufactures chemicals, shouldn’t your flooring defend against chemicals? Not only will your industrial epoxy defend against chemical damage, but it will also make clean up easier by isolating all moisture on its surface
    Efficient Customization
    Epoxy flooring has a different type of customization than that of other epoxy flooring systems. With industrial epoxy, you can use stencils to create arrows, text, barriers, and vehicle paths/walkways
    Long Lasting
    What industrial facilities owners love the most about our industrial epoxy floor coating is its decades of service life. When your industrial epoxy is professionally installed, your flooring system can last up to 30 years!
    Remember, only when you have your industrial epoxy flooring professionally installed will it provide its full range of benefits and provide its full service life
    If you are looking for a professional provider of industrial epoxy flooring, look no further, you have found Plano, Texas’ authority in industrial epoxy flooring. Our team of industrial epoxy contractors has been providing our industrial facility neighbors with award-winning epoxy finishes that can change the way that you use your flooring forever. Remember, the full range of benefits of the industrial strength epoxy flooring system could take up an entire book. If you have any questions about epoxy flooring or want to see more benefits, please take a look at our homepage, blogs or even feel free to give us a call for any questions you may have about industrial epoxy flooring.

    Installation Process

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring
    We know that any slowdown or shutdown to your facility can cost you thousands of dollars so that is why we recommend industrial epoxy as it can be installed with great haste!
    We know that your facility needs to stay open at all times and understand that some industrial facilities run 24/7 so we won’t waste your time with a flooring system that will cause your business to lose money. Down below, you will find how we can install your industrial epoxy while your business can stay open:
    • If you are in a rush, we offer our quick cure industrial epoxy floor coating. With a quick cure system, we can have your epoxy flooring system installed and ready for light duty in as little as one hour after it has been installed. While the flooring system won’t be able to provide full functionality right away, your employees can get back to work with light duty workloads until the system fully cures 7-8 hours later
    • Another way we can install your industrial epoxy is by simply working around you! Our team of industrial epoxy floor coating contractors can cut your project into sections to cause minimal slowdowns. The only downside is that your epoxy may not be purely seamless with this method.
    • If you are looking for flooring during an offseason, we can have your industrial epoxy in as little as 6 days with the epoxy being fully cured 72 hours after it is installed.
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    Industries That Trust

    Industrial Epoxy
    Industrial epoxy floor coatings don’t only see use in one type of industrial facility, they are one of the most trusted flooring solutions through the entire industry!
    When it comes to industrial epoxy flooring, there are many reasons why the floor coating is used in nearly every industrial facility out there. Down below, you are going to find the industrial facilities that are true to industrial epoxy though decades of continued use and why they use them:
    Warehouses are one of the facilities that use industrial epoxy for its insane 20,000 PSI weight tolerance as these facilities tend to store more items than most other facilities
    Manufacturing Plants
    Manufacturing plants use industrial epoxy floor coatings for their immense durability and superior chemical resistance as accidents are prone to happen in these facilities
    Data Housing Centers
    A trait of industrial epoxy flooring is that they are one of the few flooring systems that are nonconductive. That is why server rooms and data housing centers trust industrial epoxy
    Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating
    Show Rooms
    Believe it or not, showrooms love industrial epoxy flooring for their ability to resist damage from heavy foot and vehicle traffic and their wide selection of customizations that compliment what they are showcasing
    Aircraft Hangars
    Just like showrooms, aircraft hangars use industrial epoxy for their amazing weight tolerance and ability to resist damage from heavy vehicle and foot traffic with resistance to harsh chemicals
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