Are you tired of dealing with flooring systems that offer subpar benefits while still costing a fortune? Then you need an epoxy flooring system! With one of our award-winning epoxy flooring systems in Plano, Texas you won’t use your flooring the same ever again!
Epoxy floor coatings can top all of the benefits of even premium traditional flooring systems while still looking amazing all at a fraction of the price!
We have all the information you need about epoxy flooring down below but feel free to give us a call today for a free quote!
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    Need A New Floor Coating?
    Use An Epoxy Flooring System!
    Epoxy flooring systems arent only one of the durable and long lasting flooring systems, they are also one of the most versatile. Epoxy flooring can be used almost anywhere that you have concrete or anywhere you want concrete to be placed. Give us a call today for a professional free quote!
    Epoxy Flooring Plano

    Epoxy Flooring

    Systems Offered In Plano
    One of the best parts about using an epoxy flooring system is the wide range of areas that they can be used with the dozens of different types of epoxy flooring systems on the market. Want to know where you can use epoxy and how the different types are different? We have the most popular types of epoxy flooring outlined down below:
    Metallic Epoxy Flooring
    Metallic epoxy floor coatings offer some of the most exotic finishes on the market. This is because the floor coating is able to replicate some of the most beautiful natural visuals such as clouds, a smoking fire, and even waves
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    Commercial epoxy is the commercial industries most used and trusted flooring system for plenty of reasons. The reason that stands out the most though is the approval by the USDA for use in sensitive facilities from food processing plants all the way into surgical rooms.
    Garage Floor Epoxy
    Garage floor epoxy works wonders in both residential garages and commercial garages for their large threshold for damage and their ability to resist damage from even the harshest chemicals while maintaining a professional but custom appearance
    Industrial Epoxy Flooring
    Industrial epoxy flooring is by far the strongest flooring system on the market with a staggering 20,000 PSI weight tolerance that can make using concretes measly 3,000 PSI tolerance feel like your using glass
    We urge that you have any type of epoxy floor coating installed by a true professional as even the slightest mistake on your epoxy can render your flooring useless. If you want peace of mind over your epoxy, give us a call.
    Our team of professional epoxy flooring contractors has been serving our neighbors in Plano for decades! Not only have our practices earned us a place as one of the top epoxy flooring companies in Plano, but they have also made thousands of families and companies a quality flooring system that they can trust without having to tiptoe around. To prove to you that our floor coatings are the real deal, we offer a limited warranty with all of all our epoxy floor coatings. But we are not done yet! Not only will we give your epoxy a warranty, but we can also give you a free, professional quote if you give us a call today, so don’t hesitate! Call Now!

    Commercial And Residential

    Garage Floor Epoxy
    We don’t think that we covered the most popular epoxy flooring system up above, so here’s what you need to know about the revolutionary garage floor epoxy!
    Commercial and residential garage floor epoxy are one of the most used flooring systems on the market for good reason. You could even say that epoxy flooring is best suited to be used in the garage! With benefits ranging from incredible durability to supreme chemical resistance, here’s how garage floor epoxy can benefit your homes garage or your commercial garage:
    Residential Epoxy Flooring
    • Garage floor epoxy offers an amazing damage resistance to chemicals that destroy other flooring systems like battery acid, brake cleaner, and gasoline. Not only will epoxy avoid being damaged by these forces, it makes them easier to clean by isolating them on the flooring surface
    • Garage epoxy also offers amazing performance as it uses the same 100 percent solid epoxy base as an industrial epoxy that we talked about above.
    • Garage epoxy can even be customized in more ways than one. For residential garages, we offer metallic pigments, flakes and a wide selection of base colors.
    • For commercial garages, the customizations can make your garage safer and more efficient. We can use stencils to create texts, barriers, and even vehicle paths and walkways. We even offer you the ability to have your companies logo installed directly into the epoxy!
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    Benefits Of Using An

    Epoxy Flooring System
    Epoxy flooring in Plano offers more benefits than all other traditional flooring systems combined and we are here to show you why you need epoxy flooring in your home and business
    Are you not convinced that epoxy floor coatings are one of the top flooring systems in the industry? Need more evidence that epoxy can change the way you use flooring forever? Well, thanks to the amazing benefits of epoxy flooring, our job is easy! If you need to know more about epoxy flooring, we have taken the liberty in outlining all of the top benefits of epoxy floor coatings down below:
    Epoxy flooring is one of the few flooring options on the market that are created by using minimal natural resources and our epoxies are created in a low carbon producing factory
    Investment Factor
    Not only can epoxy flooring increase the value of your home, but is able to last upwards of 20-30 years when professionally installed. The long service life of epoxy brings the lifecycle costs down so low, they are comparable to traditional concrete flooring
    Rapid Installation
    Our team of epoxy flooring contractors has decades of experience installing epoxy floor coatings and can have your epoxy installed in as little as 4-5 days depending on weather conditions and the size of your area we are coating
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    Extreme Durability
    Epoxy floorings plastic-like chemical makeup makes the flooring immune to most forms of physical damage such as heavy vehicle/foot traffic, a variety of dropped objects and even heavy vibrations
    Accident Protection
    Epoxy flooring systems can also protect your concrete from a wide range of accidents thanks to its resistant and waterproof finish. Accidents it can defend against include flooding, fire, and electrical damage
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