No matter how well you take care of your pool deck, the sad reality is that it is most likely always going to become damaged. Where other pool decking contractors will try to blow the damage out of proportion, we are here to offer simple pool deck repairs in Plano.
Pool deck repairs can save you thousands of dollars compared to replacing your pool deck or even pool deck resurfacing.
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    Need Pool Deck Repairs?
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    We are one of the top pool deck repair companies in Plano for a reason. We offer our services to bring your concrete pool deck back into its former glory. We promise that when we leave your home, you won't be able to tell where the pool deck repairs have even taken place!
    Pool Deck Crack Repair

    What We

    Can Repair
    Pool deck repairs are one of the best ways to prolong the life of your concrete and even make your concrete pool deck more comfortable to use. Sadly, there are dozens of ways that your pool deck can become damaged and down below, you will find exactly what we are able to repair:
    Gouges can cause serious problems for your pool deck. Not only can they allow water under your coatings, but they can even be considered serious tripping hazards. Our contractors can fill all gouges to help your concrete last longer and safer
    Peeling coatings are very common in areas that are moist or in deckings that were not properly prepared before the coating was installed. To fix the peeling coatings, we scrape back the coating until a stable position is found and apply a bonding adhesive so the repaired coatings will not peel up again.
    Repainting or resealing your concrete pool deck can make a huge difference. If your decking hasn’t been sealed or painted in at least 10 years, chances are that your decking isn’t providing slip/skid resistance or the heat deflection its suppose to
    Mistake Correction
    Not all contractors are created equal, but our professional pool deck repair contractors can fix the mistakes past contractors have made on your pool deck
    Remember, only use professional assistance when repairing your pool decking as even the smallest mistake could cost you thousands of dollars in mistake correction or even problems with your pools plumbing down the line.
    We are one of the top pool deck repair companies in Plano for good reason. Our team of contractors is dedicated to bringing our neighbors only the best results possible with our pool deck repairs. Never take any form of damage to your pool deck lightly, even the slightest crack or gouge could pour water into the underlying soils, washing away the support for your concrete slab. Never gamble with your pool decks concrete as it is the main support for your pool and your pools plumbing and if these objects become damaged, repairs could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. If you see any damage to your pool deck, give us a call ASAP for a free quote!

    Pool Deck Crack

    Cracks are a nuisance to any concrete pool deck so here is why we recommend that should have all cracks repaired as soon as possible
    One of the biggest problems that pool deckings face is crack. Not only are concrete cracks the worse form of damage to appear on your pool deck, but they are also the most common form of damage to plague pool decking. When it comes to cracks, even if you see only one, call us ASAP and here’s why:
    Cracks on the concrete pool deck are a major safety hazard and with summer right around the corner, you want to make sure that your decking is in working order for you and your family during the hottest month of the year. How do cracks provide a safety hazard? Cracks account for roughly 30 percent of all pool-related injuries and these tripping hazards can result in bruises, broken bones or in some cases, drowning.
    Pool Deck Repair
    Not only are concrete cracks a health hazard, but they also represent a massive danger to your concrete slab as well. Cracks give water a direct path to the underlying soils supporting your concrete slab. When water washes away these soils, the results are catastrophic as they can sink concrete, damage plumbing for your pool and even push your concrete into your pool, causing expensive to repair damage to the actual pool.
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    Pool Deck

    Pool deck resurfacing can save you thousands of dollars and weeks of time compared to tearing out and replacing your existing concrete pool deck!
    While pool deck resurfacing can drastically prolong the life of your concrete slab, one of the main reasons why homeowners are using concrete resurfacing is for the vast range of options that we offer for our award-winning process that give you full control over the customization of your pool deck including:
    Pavers are super durable and low maintenance. In the off chance a paver does break, there are no professional repairs, just simply slide a new paver in its place
    Stamped Concrete
    Stamped concrete offers stunning 3D visuals that mimic the look of natural stones, intricate paver patterns, and even slate or cobblestone with the amazing durability of concrete
    Sundek has been providing award-winning materials for all types of concrete since the early 1970s but they are mostly known for being the first company to use the ever-popular “knock down” finish
    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    Wood Stamped Concrete
    With wood stamped concrete, you can have the elegant and timeless finish of wood with the durability of concrete and the carefree maintenance of a sealed concrete coating system
    Sometimes you don’t need a full resurfacing project to take place, sometimes all you need is a simple repaint or reseal to provide the slip and skid resistance or heat deflection your pool deck has been lacking
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