Wood flooring is beautiful, without a doubt, it is one of the oldest flooring systems used in both residential and commercial areas.
Rustic wood flooring here in Plano, Texas has become one of the hottest trends sweeping this part of the south. It’s easy to install, looks and feels like authentic wood, and is easy to maintain.
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    Rustic Wood Flooring
    There is nothing more relaxing than knowing that your beautiful rustic wood flooring will not damage when used and will last for years down the road.
    Rustic Wood Flooring

    Benefits of Rustic

    Wood Flooring
    Wood looking floors, like rustic wood flooring, offers unique benefits that authentic wood floors simply cannot due to their extreme limitations. Rustic wood is a quick and long-lasting installation process that can raise property value for any home or business space.
    Rustic wood flooring benefits include:
    • Versatility, rustic wood floors can be installed indoors and outdoors without risking damage due to weather or sun exposure.
    • Colors and patterns are customizable, so you get your desired appearance and texture of wood flooring.
    • It’s much more durable than other materials. Rustic wood, whether indoors or outdoors, is resistant to water, impact, and scratches.
    • Maintenance is obliterated when it comes to rustic wood flooring. There are no special treatments or expensive waxes necessary.
    • Due to the fact that rustic wood flooring is strong, resistant, and versatile, it is incredibly cost-effective because of those traits. When your floor cannot be damaged, there are no needs for repairs, special cleaners, or constant replacements.

    Wood vs Rustic

    Wood Flooring
    When the pros and cons are laid side by side, it is hard to dismiss the obvious, rustic wood flooring is a better bang for your buck.
    There is no question, authentic wood is a beautiful flooring system for any home or business. Discovered in the early 1900s, wood flooring has only evolved into a highly desired material for all flooring. But other than the way real wood looks, it can be a handful to maintain, install, and keep beautiful as the years of use go on.
    Authentic wood is:
    • Expensive
    • Fragile, meaning, it will stain and chip if heavy furniture is dragged on the surface and if liquids or chemicals are spilled.
    • Delicate, wood requires extensive maintenance and treatments to ensure its longevity
    • Temperature sensitive, as it cools off outside wood will shrink and as it heats up wood will expand but because it doesn’t have the flexibility of rustic wood flooring, the wood is much more susceptible to cracking and looking prematurely much older.
    • Not the best flooring for a home with many people or children and animals.
    Wood Stamped Concrete
    Rustic wood is:
    • Resistant to water, impact, scratching, staining, and chemicals
    • Very easy to maintain and does not require special cleaners or waxes
    • Long-lasting
    • Inexpensive when compared to authentic wood pricing
    • Available for indoor and outdoor installation
    • Seamless, so the temperature inside your home is very well regulated
    • Mold, mildew, and moisture resistant
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    Rustic Wood

    One of the greatest traits of any rustic wood floor is its little to no maintenance; however, nothing will ever last without a little bit of up-keep. With a rustic wood floor, you get as little up-keep as you ever would. Rustic wood floors are truly easy to manage on a daily and yearly basis, just follow these simple suggestions to ensure you get the longest time with your floors! For more questions about maintenance contact our professionals!
    We recommend the following:
    Whether it is water, juice, or soap, once you notice a spill don’t leave it on the floor. Clean spills as soon as you notice them.
    The great news is your rustic wood floors provide a hypoallergenic surface; however, it does still mean that occasional sweeping and mopping is necessary.
    Never use cleaners with high soap content or acidity. They will leave a film like residue on your floors dulling their shine.
    Concrete Wood Floor
    The best way to keep your floors clean other than asking everyone to take their shoes off as they walk in would be to add mats to the entryways of your property. Have guests wipe their shoes before entering, this will reduce the amount of sweeping and mopping required from you.
    If an issue arises and you aren’t sure how to handle it, always call the professionals!
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